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     I’ve been wondering who won the art battle, and just found the results online.   
  • 1st place $1000 (52 votes) = Artist space #27
  • 2nd place $250 (49 votes) = Artist space #13
  • 3rd place gift bag (37 votes) = Artist space #11 

It was thisclose between 1st and 2nd place.  Which means it’s possible that if any of my 4 friends and I had voted, we would have changed the outcome.  See, your one little vote can make a difference! The power of ONE vote has also been reinforced in my mind by a couple current events: 

  1. Two metro Detroit tied elections in Nov 2007.  A coin toss ultimately decided the winner for the final seats on the Grosse Pointe City Council and the Mt. Clemens City Commission.   
  2. Catching those fabulous commercials from “ONE: The Campaign to Make Poverty History.”  Here’s just one example:     

So, shame on us for not casting our votes at the art battle.  I’d therefore like to support them further by sharing more pictures and video that I located of the event.    

Check out this video from “Motor City Blogspot”, and another slideshow from “Picture This Detroit.”  I’ll give you the scoop on some of the photos, and wish I could point out who came in 3rd, but I have no idea beyond the space number.  

  • Slides 19, 49 and 50 = 1st place winner
  • Slides 3, 45, 46, 47, 106, 108 and 119 = 2nd place winner
    • I can’t help but think while looking at slide #45 that the two Thor artists decided to create a “mash-up” of themselves.  Let’s take my flowing golden locks, add in your full beard and mustache (but change them to blond), tweak both our hats, and infuse Thor with our party spirit.
  • Slide 57 = The cosmonaut is free . . . lost in space
    • Here you can see the woman prior to being duct-taped and plastered to the exhibit, as well as a nice frontal view of the skirt wearing male artist.
  • Slide 65 = Sweatshop for the PB&J assembly
    • Again, why did they need to wear masks while making them?  Was this supposed to be symbolic of the Jonestown grape kool-aid massacre?  There were a few strawberry PB&Js, but mainly grape.  They’re both nostalgic, kid friendly, very American food staples.  Was part of the statement that our food might not be what it appears, and can in fact be dangerous?  Am I reaching, or being very astute and deep?
  • Slide 97 = Cool chandelier
    • Made out of recycled pop bottles, including their twist-off tops, and the plastic rings that hold 6 packs together.  Could this be the 3rd place winner?  It was located very close to Thor.
  • Slide 97 and 98 = The DJ getting his area set up 

I hear that they’re planning a 2009 Art Battle, so mark your calendars.       



  1. Taz Says:

    Hey Jen,
    Thanks for the Art Battle update. I’m a little disappointed they didn’t seem to have any good pictures of the winner. Did I miss them? Or maybe it wasn’t dry enough to stand up? I would have loved to see that piece done.

  2. jenny Says:

    Nope, you didn’t miss them. I’m disappointed too. I checked again online, and couldn’t find any additional pics.

    I emailed Vince Troia (organizer) recently to ask for names of winners, and to see if more photos would be posted. He told me Grant Gamalski won 1st, Nate Marcy and Broch won 2nd, and Riku and friend won 3rd (I’ve since learned that Katie Ares has graffiti tag name RIKU). No word on more pictures though.

    I know that there were some unhappy comments posted about not enough photos at “Picture This Detroit” that have now been removed. One poster was really upset that there weren’t any photos of the 3rd place winner, graffiti art that said RIKU. Said they needed to get f-ing with it, and that she’s really famous in Detroit graffiti scene and is on her way to being a super rich artist.

  3. Andrew Davis Says:

    There are tons of photos at myspace.com/artbattle.

    2009 Detroit Art Battle is coming up Friday, April 17th.

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