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Freeze! Living statues at NYC Grand Central Station February 3, 2008

Does anyone remember the childhood game of freeze tag? I have very murky memories of playing it and can’t recall all the rules to the game.  However, I do remember that you had to suddenly freeze and remain frozen in whatever position you were in when you were either tagged, or the “it” person screamed “freeze!”

Improv Everywhere decided to take a variation of this childhood game to New York City’s Grand Central station. View the video below for a great example of public performance art that gets people talking.

For all you Heroes TV show fans, doesn’t this remind you of being like Hiro NakamuraHow very cool it would be to be able to manipulate the space-time continuum like Hiro, or to travel through time in a DeLorean with a 1.21 gigawatts flux capacitor.   

Thanks to momeld for alerting me to Improv Everywhere’s latest adventure.


4 Responses to “Freeze! Living statues at NYC Grand Central Station”

  1. […] In a thrilling story that will even captivate those who haven’t seen the show, Hiro Nakamura takes center stage in this novel Heroes: Saving Charlie, on a personal quest that will test his abili… Freeze! Living statues at NYC Grand Central Station […]

  2. bookbabie Says:

    How cool, I do remember that game now that you mention it. Doing an improv like that in NY probably wasn’t so surprising to see, if they’d gone to a mall here in MI and done it I think people would have been totally freaked out!

  3. Taz Says:

    What a trip! It takes a lot of self control to freeze like that for 5 whole minutes. I’m sure it’s not as easy as it would seem.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Bookbabie – Improv Everywhere now has a global site http://improveverywhere.ning.com/. I checked it out and around me there’s currently a Detroit group with 12 members, and an Ann Arbor group with 9 members. They haven’t done anything yet, just trying to get a group and plan together. I think I’m going to put myself on their list.

    Taz – I am amazed at how well they held their positions! I don’t think I could do it. You probably could since you’re good at yoga.

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