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Contact Me January 31, 2008

sanfran-jun07-016-1.jpgI’d love to hear from you!  Please add your comments to any of my posts.  If you’d like to email me privately, send to pbandjenny@gmail.com.


2 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. steve Says:

    Hi Jenny wonder if you could do me and my co presenter a favour ? Noticed you are into Motown ( hope i got that right) myself and co presenter Louise have a show on hospital radio in the UK . We are broadcast over the internet on Thurs nights from 6pm to 8pm European time ( Dont ask me what time that is over in the US )The show is called The Soul Scene and we play Northern soul / soul and Motown ! We would appreciate it if you could tell your friends about our show and perhaps listen in yourself too ! As everyone who works at the station are volunteers we are of course a charity run station ( not after money you are ok ! ) We just want as many people around the world to tune in then we can get sponsers interested in our station and maybe get more funding ! By the way if you notice any spelling mistakes or punctuation mistakes excuse me im only a plumber by trade do this radio presenting as hobby along with djing ! Hope you dont mind me contacting you but am trying all different things to get our show recognised ! Also dont forget we are amatuers and we dont take it too serious we have a laugh as well so please listen if you can Steve Green from the UK actually from Manchester in the northwest UK ! our studio e mail adress is studio@rochvalleyradio.org.uk if you want a request playing you can see myself and louise on our website in the presenters section also to hear our station you have to click on the speaker icon top left of our homepage it downloads java dont worry its clean no virus ! I ramble on sorry STEVE

  2. Scott Servais Says:

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